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Quality not quantity?

Messing about with photoshop I arrived at this image, I do like the colours and the way it’s became painting like, but I do wonder am I posting it just for the sake of posting something? This whole blogging thing is very addictive, always trying to think of what to post next, so perhaps I should think, quality not quantity.

Right thats today taken care of, what to post tomorrow!!!

This is the original image.


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6 thoughts on “Quality not quantity?

  1. I went the “post-a-day-route” for a while, but it conflicted with the kind of posts I like to author. I prefer to create the longer, more involved posts usually of things which interest me.

    Not that I don’t enjoy reading the shorter efforts, daily photos, etc., but I worked out that’s not what I enjoy producing.

    On the other hand daily posts forces one to stretch their creative muscles lest they become repetitive.

    Since you asked the question . . . have you worked out an answer?

    • Not really, I do enjoy the effort to produce something regularly. So probably I’ll keep trying to do that, until I get bored with it, But that could change!!

  2. You find that eventually most people will make an attempt to post what they think other people will like but this defeat’s the purpose-Post what you like or whatever your Blog is based on which involves a great deal of un-interesting post’s.
    If you find that you are posting what you believe other’s will like then the Blog may as well be in their hand’s and not your own-Blog’s are to express yourself and share not forgetting to enjoy

    • I think you make a fair point, though are we not blogging to let people know what we think or to show them something we’ve created because we think it has some worth?

  3. Everything that we create good or bad is worth sharing with the world since we all have different taste’s and no value can be placed on anything that you have created and shared for free.
    Personally i believe Blogging is about sharing anything and everything that we can.
    I should probably have written better in my last comment-which is actually directed at the direction some Blog’s go.
    Creative long post’s are of interest to me because there is so much more to the story and i learn so much from a stranger who is openly discussing their hardship’s for example in life or their greatest day on earth.
    I have a silly Blog which i use to keep my mind occupied which i began some week’s ago. i don’t fully express myself on it but it allow’s me contact with other’s who do and through it i have seen and read amazing thing’s.
    I post quite a lot but mostly because i need to so that eg a decent size list of mental illness is available-then i post the rubbish which is not actually rubbish simply because i enjoyed it for some reason or another and because i did i thought other’s may like it also.
    I never expect people to respond yet they do and for such i am glad because it show’s that i did the right thing in sharing what i had found.
    I don’t think quality or quantity come into many post depending on what your chosen subject is-If writing about your struggles etc i personally believe honesty is more important because to be honest with people you need to be honest with yourself first.
    Quantity quite rightly becomes a pain in the bum to people who often do get fed up constant post’s to which they believe they should reply which is why i said when i began that people need not reply because i was posting to build thing’s up.
    An interesting post in reality would be a post where people take time to respond rather than just like.
    The opinion’s may differ but the fact that someone has written a reply show’s that in some respect your post has touched them so much that they feel the need to say something.
    This would not mean that an image posted for example held no interest to anyone .
    It would simply mean that the individual reading the reply is not stimulated enough to write a comment when it is easier and quicker to click like.
    If i don’t like an item i would not click like, I would simply move on to the next one.
    But everyone is different and that is one of the reason’s Blogging work’s.
    We share in what other’s like to share and for the most we enjoy it and are often left in wonderment.
    I don’t know if i am being successful in my writing here But i found your initial post interesting which is why i chose to write and not just like.
    Not a massive post but enough to hold my interest because in it’s own way it held quality.
    Better shut up here-i have a big mouth i know.

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply in such detail, it’s one of the things I admire about alot of the things I read on here, folks ability to put their feelings into words,

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